Discover your current altitude with our altimeter. To do this, click on the map, use the search function, or utilize the determination of your current GPS position. Our altitude measurement works worldwide.

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How high am I? Find your altitude!

To find your altitude, you're in the right place. Since it's not possible to determine altitude directly on Google Maps, we've developed this altimeter. With our app, you can determine the altitude at any location worldwide.

How does the altimeter app work?

You can use our altimeter directly in your browser. The web app works with any smartphone (Android & iPhone/iOS) and any PC (Windows, Mac, Linux...). For altitude determination, you have three options when using our altimeter.

  • Click on the map
  • Search for an address or place
  • GPS position / location (Your current altitude or location)

For altitude measurement via GPS, we need your consent to use your location. Don't worry, we don't share your location. The altimeter uses your location to determine the coordinates and calculate your current altitude based on them. The data is not stored.

What altitude is determined?

Our altimeter determines the altitude above sea level in meters. This is also known as altitude above mean sea level (AMSL). The reference point for this measurement is sea level, which is why it's referred to as altitude above sea level. When someone asks about altitude, especially in the European region, they usually mean altitude above mean sea level.

How are altimeters determined?

There are various methods for determining altimeters:

  • Barometer, air pressure
  • Radar, sonar
  • GPS
  • Earth's elevation model

Altitude determination via barometer

Measuring altitude using a barometer is common in many technical devices and products. It involves measuring or determining altitude based on air pressure and various other parameters. Altitude measurement using air pressure or barometers is used, for example, in fitness trackers or smartwatches. Often, it calculates both altitude and floors climbed. However, this measurement is often imprecise.

Altitude measurement via radar

Altitude measurement via radar is also called sonar. This technique is frequently used in maritime navigation to measure water depth and avoid collisions with the seafloor. It sends out a signal and measures the time it takes to return. This time is used to determine altitude or depth.

Who needs an altimeter?

In reality, altitude is frequently needed. Altitude and depth determination are crucial in maritime and aviation industries, where safety is paramount. However, altitude measurement is also interesting in sports. For hikers, cyclists, and runners, altitude, especially the difference in altitude, is essential. Steep inclines and altitude changes can make tours very strenuous.