UTM Coordinates are a global coordinate system that is also quite well-known and frequently used. However, on Google Maps, the most famous online mapping service, UTM coordinates cannot be directly entered. Nevertheless, with the help of our website, it is possible to display your UTM coordinates on a map or Google Maps.

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What Do UTM Coordinates Look Like?

If you're unsure about UTM coordinates, here's an example:

UTM coordinates for Cologne Cathedral: 32U 356548.889(E) 5645282.785(N)

A typical characteristic of UTM coordinates is the zone. In our area, or in Germany, it's usually Zone 32. Additionally, UTM coordinates always consist of two values, the X and Y, or East and North coordinate.

Sometimes, the zone is also included in the X-coordinate, making UTM coordinates a bit harder to identify at first glance, especially for beginners.

If you know the approximate location of the coordinates, you can use a little trick to determine the coordinate system. Open our Coordinate Converter with a map and enter the address or click on the map. You will then receive the coordinates for this point in all notations.

What Coordinate System Does Google Maps Use?

Google Maps allows the use of various coordinate systems for input:

  • Decimal Degrees
  • Degrees-Minutes-Seconds
  • Degrees-Minutes
  • Google Plus Code

The most well-known and commonly used notation includes Decimal Degree coordinates. These, along with Plus Codes, are also offered when displaying coordinates on Google Maps.

Converting Coordinates for Google Maps

Since Google Maps doesn't support all coordinate systems for input, coordinates often need to be converted for use on Google Maps. You can perform this conversion with us. We support all common and many lesser-known coordinate systems.