Navigate with our online compass directly in your web browser without any installation. The compass works on virtually any mobile device. The compass does not work on desktop PCs.


On which devices does the online compass work?

The online compass works on almost any mobile device. It can be used conveniently directly in the web browser on your phone or tablet - no app installation required.

As with a real compass, you should also hold your phone or tablet flat to align the compass needle or calibrate the compass.

A so-called magnetometer is required to use the online compass in the web browser. A magnetometer is a sensor that can measure magnetic flux densities. The necessary sensor (magnetometer) is built into almost every mobile device. This applies to devices with iOS and Android. The necessary sensor (magnetometer) is installed in almost every mobile device. This applies to devices with iOS and Android.

Desktop computers (PCs) do not usually have this sensor. This means that you cannot usually use the online compass in the browser on the PC. Tablets, on the other hand, usually have a built-in magnetometer.

Why does the location need to be activated?

Our online compass must use the magnetometer of your phone or tablet in order to function. In order to use this sensor, you must allow us to access your location. The reason for this is that access to this sensor is linked to access to the location - the whole thing is usually called alocation service.

Don't worry, we don't store your position or use it in any other way.

Must there be an active Internet connection?

In fact, no internet connection is required to use it. You only need an active internet connection once to load our WebApp for the first time. Once the compass is loaded, you can simply continue to use it with the location service activated.

What is a compass?

A compass is an instrument for navigating with the help of the cardinal points. The compass points north and so you know where north, south, west and east are. The Earth's magnetic field helps the compass to find the geographical direction to the North Pole and therefore all other points of the compass.

If you use a physical compass, you have a free-floating needle made of a magnetic material. This always aligns itself automatically in the direction of the north pole. With our online compass, this is graphically simulated.

What is a compass good for?

Especially in the wild, there are no street names and often no landmarks. For navigation or directions, the cardinal points north, south, west and east are often used in conjunction with degrees for directional information. This makes the compass a valuable device for orientation in the wilderness.

Many hiking maps or other maps show the cardinal points or at least an arrow pointing north. This is used to find your own position and therefore the orientation of the map with the help of a compass.